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Like all other tasks, speed enables a reader to cover more content within a short time. It is strenuous and taxing to practice especially at the beginning. However, as you master the techniques, it becomes easier and comprehension is enhanced. Fast reading tips provided by experts enable even amateurs to advance their skills. You may opt to cover the text thoroughly, skim or scan. The technique you choose depends on expected outcome. How then do you improve both speed and comprehension?

Do not talk as you read. There is a tendency to sub-vocalize words, phrases and sentences. This has a negative effect on your speed considering that muscles react slower than your brains. While vocalizing helps in memorizing, it slows you down. To keep your lips still, hold a finger over them. Chewing or humming a song may also work though not as effective. It keeps your lips occupied.

Cover the area you have already read. Eyes have a tendency of returning to areas already covered. The movements are short and may not appear to be harmful, but they really slow you down. Covering allows you to concentrate on the important areas. Returning could, however, be a sign that you did not understand what you read. When it happens too much, it is advisable that you slow down.

Speed is directly related to eye movements. You will never read while your eyes are in motion. Reading takes place when you stop. As such, make the stops as short as possible and endeavor to read as much and as fast during the stop. Do not skip words since this will distort your understanding. However, give more attention to those that are important.

What is your reason for covering the text? Reasons range from grasping content to plucking certain words, numbers or phrases. You may also want to read in order to get an idea of what the passage is about. There are different techniques that will affect your speed. Academicians have to concentrate on each word and phrase. To extract words, phrases or numbers from a text, skimming will help. To get an idea of what the text is about, you need to scan.

Like every other skill, practice. You may need to read for the purposes of vocalization. In other cases, you need to be silent to avoid distracting other people. Depending on your target, practice with a timer. Endeavor to reduce the time it takes to complete a page. Bring the time as low as possible with every attempt. You will gain confidence in understanding even as you gain speed. When it is time to make a presentation or cover course work, you will have mastered speed and comprehension.

Distractions affect the speed regardless of their intensity. Switch off music, television, messenger, video games, avoid conversations, etc. Your mind cannot commit to more than one activity at a time. Ensure that the mind is also calm with no running thoughts. Your only focus at the moment should be the text at hand. Concentrate and later turn to the other activities, one at a time.

There are numerous apps that purport to assist in increasing speed. The most important aspect is to improve your reading and comprehension speed. Whatever method you use should sharpen your skills to enable you apply the speed in different situations. All attempts require practice in order to improve the results.

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