Doing The Proper Methods Of Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys are one of the most important parts in a home. These have been used for the purpose of providing proper ventilation for hot flue gases, smoke, fireplaces, furnaces, or stove towards the outside atmosphere. Aside from their use in homes, steam locomotives, buildings, and ships are also making use of these. These are often being positioned on a higher altitude for reducing their impact to surroundings.

Burning fires in chimneys may possibly result to having an accumulation of some soot and creosote. These are both sticky and are flammable substances that may cause fire if not being removed immediately. Hiring some professionals for a chimney cleaning NJ is expensive. If you decide to do this by yourself, be sure to acquire all the necessary tools that can be bought from nearby stores for hardware in New Jersey, NJ. The following are the methods of cleaning your chimneys.

Preparing for cleaning the chimney. Before starting the process, you need to determine first whether it would really need to be cleaned. Typically, it is recommended that it is cleaned once in a year. But if it is being used frequently, cleaning it must be done more often. Get a flashlight and see the flue and you may either make use of plastic knife or pencil for scraping off the creosote.

Check if there are some animals living in it such as critters, squirrels, raccoons, and birds. These animals may possibly nest there especially if your chimney has been used already for long. So better check on these before you start to clean. Use a flashlight so you can see clearly the fireplace, and if you find one, be sure to remove it directly.

To measure the flue. So that the entire parts of the chimney will be cleaned, you need to use the tools having the proper sizes. Through the fireplace, begin on measuring all the sides starting from the bottom. And to measure the sides on top, use a ladder for climbing up. You need to determine the shape and size of flue. Determine also the chimney height.

Buy all the needed supplies from the hardware store. Some of the useful supplies are plastic tarps or drop cloth, goggles, plastic or wire brushes, broom, brush extension pipes or weighted rope, dust pan, dust mask, and stiff wire brushes. Another important thing is to wear the appropriate clothing such as old clothes, gloves, and bandanna because you are dealing with messy soot.

Prepare the house for the process. Place the tarp or drop cloth around the fireplace. Extend the cloth into the living room for about several feet. Make use of other tarps or sheets for covering the furniture with a light fabric. Expensive rugs must be rolled back. Remove the chimney damper. Locate the handle and use a small wire brush when you clean it. Detach it and set it aside.

Starting to clean from top to bottom. By using a ladder, climb to the roof, but be sure that climbing up there is safe. If you are unsure whether your roof is still in good quality or not, just clean instead from bottom. After is assembling the brush and pipe section which will be used to scrub the flue.

After doing all these methods, clean the flue entrance. The soot and the creosote may fell down and collect there. Clean as well the debris in the fireplace. Be sure to properly dispose all the collected dirt since these are flammable.

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