Introducing The Award Winning Artist Cheri Christensen

Shopping for a new painting is one of the most breathtaking activities for an art lover. It is possible to find grown folks coming to the point of almost entirely losing their minds. The decision-making process can be quite overwhelming and it calls on the interested person to exercise extreme control to avoid making haphazard choices. To end up getting what you desire it is imperative you have a clear-cut strategy and idea of what you want to acquire beforehand. This brief review is going to introduce you to a remarkable artist known as Cheri Christensen. Her oil paintings and drawings are a dream come true for collectors.

Her early years were spent in a small town situated somewhere in Washington. She hailed from a farming family who reared horses, chickens, and other farm barnyard animals. The vast outdoors were her natural setting. Little did she know that they would in time come to provide the inspiration for her masterpieces? Her education took place at the acclaimed University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

At the University Christensen received lots of support and mentorship from the master artist Ron Lukas. Ron himself had been an apprentice of the renowned Russian Impressionist Sergei Bongart. Thanks to her teachers, Christensen was able to learn and perfect the use of light and color to convey her ideas and feelings.

All her hard work was soon going to yield fantastic gains. In time, her artwork started being displayed all over the nation. In time, they made their way outside the nation and into the international scene. To view her latest works you will want to visit the following galleries. The McLarry Fine Art Museum in Santa Fe, California. The InSight Gallery in Fredericksburg located in Texas and at the Eisenhauer Gallery at the Vineyard managed by Martha.

As is often the case with any acclaimed artist, there has to be an underlying recurrent message by the artist. Many of her artwork have been observed to show animals in various natural settings. Her refined skill level is enough to bring out surreal art forms dancing in the light. Her animal-depicting artwork got showcased at the famed Best Traditional Landscape in the Allied Artists of America Art Show of 1995.

To-date, her inspirational works have gotten featured by a vast plethora of the leading art dailies and magazines. For instance, the paintings and her life work have appeared in the American Art Collector, the Western Art Collector and the Southwest Art Magazine. Christensen has done a splendid job in sharing her wisdom and skills to the budding artists. She has created three tutorial videos for starting artists.

The inspiration for most of her works has emanated from her daily interactions with people and with nature. According to her, the paintings get motivated by the interaction of light with the various animals grazing on the barnyards. She has remained hopelessly infatuated by the way the early morning light and the sunset rays intermingles with the different features on her farm.

The easiest way to view her works is by visiting her official website. Here you will come across all her sold and achieved works. You also get to sample her new masterpieces, and if you are interested in them, then you could just proceed to make an order. Her website also provides the fans and followers with the links to her official social media pages. Click on them for new alerts.

See the art gallery of artist, Cheri Christensen, by visiting this highly rated website now. You can browse all the artists’ latest works on

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